Glamour Body Ceremony

Glamour Body Ceremony is a journey into the furthest corners of the globe, which stimulates the senses and the deepest recesses of the soul.

It has been enclosed in the orient care traditions, but at the same time, it discovers the most modern trends of cosmetology. What is fascinating about this product is the diversity of active ingredients and a unique texture. Among the active ingredients there are substances with hydrating properties (Chondrus crispus extract, pineapple, kiwi nectar), nourishing (grape seed oil, coconut oil, cupuacu butter), as well as a variety of vitamins with anti-ageing properties. Among the ingredients of Glamour Body Ceremony line, there are also marine algae extract, coconut, chocolate or Coffea Arabica. The ceremonies based on the line products treat a Client with a holistic approach. They care for both the body and mind, aiming at achieving the state of harmony between them. Multistage care programs not only will leave the skin in a perfect condition, but will also offer exotic experience to the senses thanks to unique essential oils. Having in mind that each person is a separate individuality, we merely suggest the stages of treatment ceremonies. The final decision about the shape and direction of the treatment belongs to the Client, who can choose products appropriate to his or her needs with the help of a Cosmetologist.