About Purlés

Purlés is French cosmetic brand, created in 2012, to comply with the demands of current market needs. The owners of the company have more than 20 years of experience on the cosmetic market, which guarantees only the best products. The Purlés products provide the experience of an extraordinary relaxation and transform each treatment into a ceremony, making it a unique spiritual experience as if it was a voyage to the land of beauty, purifying not only appearance, but also moving senses. An important part of our extraordinary products is that we present a wide variety of treatments and different conceptions of use, which together with the home care range, creates a complete and consistent continuation of beauty care. Our products are created in French laboratories, that ensure the highest quality, efficiency and the best performance of the created products. Our clients satisfaction is the most important factor for us. We offer professional cosmetics, that combine natural plant substances with advanced biochemical knowledge, to give our clients a spectacular and quick effects.

Purlés offers you:

  • Professional, high quality products
  • Complete treatments for different needs
  • Retail range for a comprehensive care
  • Continuous innovations
  • Marketing support and trainings
  • Experienced team to comply with your needs.

Why Purlés?

  • French Innovation Laboratory with the advanced biotechnology and highest production standards
  • 80% of products are produced in France and 20% in Spain
  • Individual Beauty Code – a care adjusted to individual needs of clients skin. Thanks to the easy numeric names of our products, selecting and continuing proper therapy for the client is easier than ever. A beauty therapist selects an adequate therapy for the clients skin, composing the Purlés numbers, which are later as a fingerprint of the client’s skin needs.

Facial Ceremonies

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Dermocosmetic Therapy

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Body ceremonies

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