Exotic Coconut Ceremony

The relaxing, nourishing Ceremony that is inspired by the warm climate of an exotic island.

It enraptures with the sweet scent of the coconut pulp that transports you to the sunny beach ensuring you with an unforgettable beauty adventure. The senses are seduced by the charming aromas and creamy texture of the products providing you with a truly fairy-tale like experience. During the treatment the delicate pieces of nut shells cleanse the skin while the almond oil rich in oleic and linoleic acid, brings softness and smoothness. The finale of the ritual is the unique Hawaiian massage, complimented by the coconut cocoon, the source of lipids and minerals that provides remedy to dry skin and enhances its hydro lipid barrier. The Ceremony very efficiently nourishes the skin, polishes it and immensely moisturizes while the sweet aromatic note doubles the effect of relaxation and release of tension. It restores body’s harmony and relieves from stress.