SensiSkin Garden Ceremony

A range of treatments designed to meet the needs of the skin with the sensitivity syndrome.

Sensitive skin requires effective and gentle care at the same time, which is why SensiSkin Garden Ceremony guarantees specific effects with the highest safety standards.

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony for Capillaries Skin

Calming, soothing Ceremony, caressing the sensitive and capillaries skin. The relaxing aura of the fruity land eases the mind and releases from stress. The abundance of vitamin C enhances the walls of the capillaries and skin’s immune system. It scavenges free radicals and helps the skin to retain its youth and tone. Highly concentrated active formulas based upon plant extracts from blackberries and bilberries, reduce inflammation and provide instant remedy, ideally moisturize and nourish, calming the skin and minimizing the capillaries. During this Ceremony the air is filled with sweet fruity scent of the forest treasures, enchanting the senses and relaxing the body. The treatment evens the skin’s colour and conditions it. The Ceremony ensures glowing skin and provides a spectacular beauty effect.


SensiSkin Garden Ceremony for Oily Skin

Soothing Ceremony created especially for mixed or oily complexions that suffer from sensitivity. The ritual takes you to the world of nature, to this dream land, where the garden of herbs brings the mysterious scents of dill, basil, and parsley. The view takes your breath away with its colours and life simply carries on in unison with the surrounding wildlife. The innovative product formulas enhance skin’s lipid barrier and boost its immune system regulating sebaceous glands at the same time. The herbal blend together with watercress visibly reduces sebum, cleanses the skin and protects it from future inflammation. After the Ceremony is fully moisturized and with the matte finish whereas the previous redness is soothed and reduced. Skin charms with healthy looks and radiates.



SensiSkin Garden Ceremony – Lift & Glow

Relaxing lifting Ceremony, recommended for every skin type, especially sensitive with visible tone loss. It enchants the senses with multitude of fruit aromas, recalling the memories of the warm summer. Wild cherry extract gives the skin brightness, priceless actives like antioxidants, pro-vitamin A, and bioflavonoids. It ensures natural cell renewal stimulation, regeneration and inflammation reduction. Papaya extract improve skin elasticity leaving it velvety smooth and glowing. After the ritual, the skin is strengthened, bright and very fresh. Because of its spectacular and instant beauty results it is perfect before any important event. The Ceremony gives the senses energizing aroma of papaya and sweetness of wild cherry. It ensures a sensuous voyage to the land of multiple scents where well-being and vitality is guaranteed.



SensiSkin Garden Cermony – Hydra & Radiance

Brightening and rejuvenating ceremony tempting a juicy, red fruit aroma. It combines extraordinary properties of strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. These summer fruits are a real vitamin and mineral bomb, that hydrates, nourishes the skin and also at that same time, effectively fights with free radicals, consequently delaying the aging process. The content of vitamins A, C, E and group B, affects the stimulation of collagen synthesis, increasing the density of the skin and improving the firmness and elasticity. The skin regains its natural vitality and balance, and the scent of sweet fruit relaxes and energizes the senses. The treatment is excellent as a banquet care, used “before the big event”. It restores velvety smoothness of the skin, providing a visible glow and nourishing, as well as improves a skin colour.


Purifying Skin Ceremony

A holistic purifying and mattifying Ceremony for oily skin with excess sebum and skin prone to comedones. An incredible combination of warming minerals and refreshing cranberry delivers unexpected sensations. The ritual begins with innovative face mask that eliminates toxins from the deepest skin layers. The effectiveness of the Ceremony is guaranteed by zeolite which thanks to its thermal abilities releases pores from congestion, enhances penetration of active ingredients, and boosts microcirculation. It provides balance of skin functions and sufficient oxygen levels and what is more it effectively regulates sebum excretion. Cranberry, packed with microelements, vitamin C and tocotrienols, slows down skin ageing and remineralises bringing at the same time the fruity aroma that pampers the senses. After the ceremony, pores are minimalized, the skin mattified and without any inflammation while the body remains soaked in heavenly feeling of relaxation, inflowing energy and freshness.

110 SOOTHING ELIXIR – 30 ml | Purlés (

111 SOOTHING CREAM – 50 ml | Purlés (

128 RASPBERRY CONCENTRATE – 5 x 2 ml | Purlés (

156 SOS CALM MASK – 50 ml | Purlés (



For professionals:

12 Raspberry Jelly Exfoliator – 200 ml | Purlés (

24 Bamboo Powder Enzyme Exfoliator – 300 ml | Purlés (

25 Sweet Red Berry Alginate Mask – 700 ml | Purlés (

26 Soothing Elixir – 50 ml | Purlés (

27 Blackcurrant Alginate Mask – 700 ml | Purlés (

28 Cherry Powder Mousse Mask – 300 ml | Purlés (

29 Billberry Alginate Mask – 700 ml | Purlés (

30 Herbal Powder Mask – 300 ml | Purlés (

31 Soothing Cream – 100 ml | Purlés (

32 Cranberry Heating Exfoliator – 200 ml | Purlés (

39 SOS Calm Mask – 200 ml | Purlés (

42 Raspberry Concentrate – 10ml x 2 | Purlés (