Chocolate & Pistachio Ceremony

This heavenly temptation caresses the body and senses with chocolate, pistachio and almond aroma.

This Ceremony is recommended to all those that love divine desserts, craving for remarkable care for beauty. It releases positive energy, actuates, brings good mood. It effectively fights skin’s slackness and visibly improves its elasticity. The pistachio scrub polishes the skin leaving it velvety smooth while the relaxing massage based on chocolate supports the fight against cellulite. Flavonoids delay ageing process and neutralize free radicals The warming wrap of chocolate mousse compliments the ritual as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin. This ritual restores the balance of the energy flow and lessens the tension. After the treatment the skin is regenerated, smoothed and brilliantly nourished as well as blessed with delicious scent.