Eye Contour Ceremony

The Ceremony, created to treat the eye area, assures unusual comfort and care for the most sensitive skin of all as it has been.

The formula of balanced organic ingredients is an answer to the needs of the skin without tone, lacking proper lymph circulation and with fine and deep lines. The combination of green tea with witch hazel improves microcirculation, eliminates bags under the eyes. It regenerates and strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier. The delicate blackcurrant brings the feeling of freshness. The aura of alleviation is enhanced by our special anti-ageing eye area massage allowing for the senses to relax and bringing well-rested, youthful look. After the treatment, the skin around the eyes regains tone and smoothness while the eye brows and corners of the eyes are visibly lifted. This eye ritual is not only a treatment ceremony but also an exciting experience for the senses that is brought by the subtle aromas and velvety touch of the products.