69 X-Peel 63% – 50 ml

X-Peel is a response to skin problems such as hyperpigmentation and the on going signs of aging. It reveals whitening and brightening properties with an anti-aging effect while visibly revitalizing the skin. Well known in the world of professional cosmetology, glycolic acid stimulates the synthesis of supporting fibers and GAG which guarantees both anti-wrinkle and moisturizing activities. Additionally, lactic acid prevents overdrying ensuring a pleasant smoothness to the skin’s surface. Another member of the AHA group, citric acid, thanks
to the initiation of the epidermal exfoliation process, brightens the skin and eliminates discoloration in synergy with kojic acid. Aside from the whitening effect, kojic acid provides an antibacterial and antioxidant action on the skin, while salicylic acid complements the result of the
treatment by stimulating regenerative processes thanks to its intensive exfoliation properties. On top of all this, hexylresorcinol supports the anti-aging effect by improving the skin’s overall condition. Due to the specificity of the product, it is particularly recommended
to perform an allergy test 48 h before the procedure.

Directions for use:
After cleaning, degreasing the skin and protecting sensitive areas, apply the peeling with a swab or brush
for 5-10 minutes. Wash it off using Neutralizing Lotion.

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