82 Firming MesoCocktail -10 x 5 ml

A concentrated, sterile product for treating slack skin on the face and body, which is visibly less elastic and less firm. Its unique formula combining the presence of Sodium DNA and Silanetriol, considerably reduces wrinkle creation and loss of elasticity, leaving the skin velvety smooth. The formula protects against the negative influence of free radicals, nourishes and smoothes the skin. The key ingredient – DMAE, with its ability to stimulate muscle activity and increase the superficial tension of the skin, helps making it firmer and gives a long-lasting lifting effect. The recipe is enhanced with sodium hyaluronate, known to
prevent water loss, thus improving the skin’s elasticity, which results in better firmness.

Directions for use:
Apply product to dry and cleansed face, neck and décolleté and gently massage. The product can be applied manually (massage), or using equipment to deepen transepidermal active ingredients penetration (electro-mesotheraphy, ultrasound, microneedle mesotherapy, etc.).


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