21 Shiny Scrub – 500 ml

A seducing and intriguing product with sparkling flecks of sugar cane. Its base is comprised of a sophisticated mixture of caviar extracts, jojoba oil and grape seed
oil. Tiny crystals of sugar gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it silk soft. The miraculous properties of jojoba and grape seed oils, perfectly nourish the skin. Caviar, as a source
of Vitamins A, B and D, and amino acids, is a vital ingredient intensifying the cell regeneration. Microelements such as zinc, iodine and magnesium – hydrate the skin and stimulate its activity. The product includes also phospholipids, responsible for controlling the skin’s hydration and protecting it against transepidermal water loss. As a result, the skin becomes
smoother and more elastic.

Directions for use:
Apply product to the entire body on moistened or dry skin. Massage it with circular movements, then rinse
it off.

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