60 G-Peel 40% – 100 ml

Deeply exfoliating and regenerating acid, which can penetrate even to the papillary layer of the skin. It has a
strong anti-aging effect. It changes the skin structure stimulating the creation of new cells, collagen fibers, and the hydrating glycosaminoglycans, as well as activates the processes of damage regeneration caused by UV radiation.
The acid eliminates discoloration, improves the condition of the ski and its density by dissolving the intercellular bonds. In addition, it reduces small scars and inflammation marks.


Directions for use:
After cleaning, degreasing the skin and protecting sensitive areas, the peeling is applied with a swab or brush to the more resistant areas of the face to the most sensitive (forehead, cheeks, sub maxillary regions, chin, upper lip and nose). It should be applied quickly, in 15-20
seconds, and uniformly throughout the treatment area. It is generally recommended for 3 to 7 minutes or until the desired result has been reached, a light redness without
frosting. Neutralize the skin with water and then Neutralizing Lotion. Product can cause itching/tingling.


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