43 – Pro-Vascular Mousse Mask – 300ml

Mask dedicated to a sensitive and vascular complexion with a pleasant consistency of velvety
mousse which tempts with texture and a sweet fragrance. The natural compilation of active ingredients calms over-reactive skin, soothes redness and irritation, regenerates and strengthens the protective barrier. Babassu oil obtained from an exotic African palm contains
about 70% of fats; a wealth of unsaturated acids that restore the ultra-comfortable softness of the epidermis. The combination of oil and Shea butter provides the effect of visible and perceptible nutrition. The surface of the skin is effectively smoothed by Jojoba esters. Marshmallow root extract soothes irritations, demonstrates antiinflammatory action and moisturizes. Helichrysum italicum extract is responsible for the neutralization of excessive vascular play – extremely effective in shrinking blood vessels and quickly combating redness.
In action, it resembles vitamin K, however it is more effective as it is free from typical skin side effects associated with the vitamin.

Directions for use:
Apply the mask, spread a thicker layer of product (approx. 10 ml) evenly over the face, neck
and décolleté, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Any residue rinse with water.

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