Vilma Kairiene about Purlés

I’m a massage therapist. In this job, my focus is on building the client’s trust. With this goal in mind, it is very important to choose a working tool that is safe, sustainable and productive. This is why the Purlés company and its products have come into my work and life. The range of products offered by this company is enormous, but the coded markings and the use of the colours make it easy to find the right tool, and to combine them safely, harmoniously and in a complete set. Fast delivery and advice from the manufacturer’s representatives is just another reason to love Purlés.
I would like to point out the Purlés massage products, which are the crown of my work.
  • Purlés #41 – Amazonian Massage Oil from Glamour Body Ceremony line 41 Amazonian Massage Oil – 500 ml | Purlés ( . This is a basic oil that is suitable for absolutely all body massage techniques. It has a great texture, is comfortable to work with and is pleasant to my palms.
  •  The second product is Purlés #22 – Shiny Jelly Massage Gel from Gold & Pearls Body Ceremony range 22 Shiny Jelly Massage – 300 ml | Purlés ( . This is a very luxurious product, especially for relaxing massage techniques, décolletage and hand massage. It is like a decoration to the treatment.
  • And the last one in this trio, Purlés #73 – Perfector Activator from DNA Protection Expert line for facial massage 73 Perfector Activator – 50ml | Purlés ( It can be combined with any facial care product. It doesn’t need to be rinsed off after the massage, so it makes my job much easier but no worse.
And the products in the Home line also have favourites in my routine:
  • Purlés #149 – Peptide Hydrogel Eye Patches from Eye Countour are also a permanent “resident” at my home 149 PEPTIDE HYDROGEL EYE PATCHES – 60 pcs | Purlés ( It’s the first companion after a hard day’s work, or in preparation for a celebration. It is also always a great gift if you want to cheer up your lovely friend.
  • And the product that wraps up all the morning ceremonies and accompanies me out of the house, is Purlés #122 – Brightening Base SPF 50+ from Derma Solution 122 SPF 50+BRIGHTENING BASE – 30 ml | Purlés ( It’s like a luxurious and very comfortable, protective gown to my face.
I feel confident using these products and reassured that my client is safe and happy. Their feedback confirms that and provides me with wings.
The most memorable thing is that a client said: “Everything in these products is so pleasing to the body. It (the body) wishes to feed on them without any worry of any diets”.
– Vilma Kairiene – a massage therapist