67 A-Peel 45% – 50 ml

A peel recommended for dehydrated, tired or sensitive skin. It can be applied also on the delicate eye area and lips. This superficial action mixture is based on the beneficial synergy of arginine, lactic acid and urea. Such composition offers very gentle exfoliation, increases the production of proteins and collagen, improving the skin’s
elasticity. The key ingredient – arginine – amino acid obtained from brown sugar, is the precursor of nitrogen oxide, which synthesis has an influence on the stimulation of microcirculation. It activates the immune system and has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. The remaining
ingredients of the peel – lactic acid and urea – perfectly hydrate and smooth out the skin, as well as increase its level of ceramides, protecting it against TEWL. In addition, the allantoin and aloe with their healing
powers accelerate regeneration, minimize irritation and skin redness.

Directions for use:
After cleaning, degreasing the skin and protecting sensitive areas, the peeling is applied quickly (15-20
sec.) with a swab or brush from the more resistant areas of the face to the most sensitive (forehead, cheeks, chin, the area above the upper lip, nose, neck). Leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water.

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