5 Rice Elixir – 50 ml

A concentrated treatment helping to fight against ageing
and discoloration. It restores the skin moisture and fully stimulates the anti-wrinkle effect. The Elixir is recommended for use on all skin types with pigmentation
problems (hyperpigmented areas, freckles, spots) and uneven, grey color. The Rice Elixir Formula is a technologically advanced brightening complex, which reduces the discoloration by regulating the melamine production processes. Hyaluronic acid additionally hydrates and smoothes the skin, removing small wrinkles. Vitamin E, in an easy to absorb form, will rebuild the skin’s natural lipid barrier. A liquid lotion with light texture is immediately absorbed by the skin, without leaving a sticky feel.


Directions for use:
Apply the product on a dry, clean face, neck and décolleté. Massage in a circular motion until complete absorption. Use morning and night.

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