38 Cotton Foam Cleanser – 200 ml

Skin cleansing and make-up removal foam suitable for use including around the eye area. This carefully selected composition guarantees its gentle action. The foam’s mild
cleansing agents do not affect the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis and as a result, does not irritate even very sensitive skin. 97% of the ingredients are natural and the
cotton extract contained in the foam offers a soothing, antioxidant effect. The presence of D-panthenolfurther
enforces both the soothing properties and the protective
hydrolipid film. Hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerin and pentylene glycol are responsible for the foam’s moisturizing effect, making it Ideal for cleansing the skin before treatment. Thanks to this formula make-up removal becomes a pure pleasure.

Directions for use:
Apply the foam onto a wet face, neck and décolleté, and also around the eyes, whilst gently massaging with fingertips. Rinse-off with plenty of water

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