Jurate Maciuviene about Purlés

I started working with Purlés cosmetics 7 years ago and have enjoyed the friendship ever since, recommending it to clients for home care and enjoying the Home line myself. I am pleased that the work with this cosmetic is effective, in some cases the results are visible after the first treatment. Especially the wide range of chemical peels, which addresses many problems, the simplicity of the treatments, following detailed protocols, descriptions of the products, and the main reason is probably the excellent quality-price ratio, which is also noticeable by the clients.
My top three products for the practice are: Microbiome Spectrum, Redness Stop System and EGF. I’m happy to have discovered the following products:
 Purlés #38 – Cotton Foam Cleanser 38 Cotton Foam Cleanser – 200 ml | Purlés (purles.lv)
Purlés #53 – L-peel 30% Acid Peel 53 L-Peel 30% – 50 ml | Purlés (purles.lv)
The most popular products in the Home line are:
Purlés #129 – Cotton Foam Cleanser 129 COTTON FOAM CLEANSER – 125 ml | Purlés (purles.lv)
which many clients can’t do without. Although it is really difficult to choose the most popular products from the whole range, I could give preference to more than one. I get a lot of feedback, appreciation and compliments from my clients about the treatments they have had and the products they use, and it’s very kind to hear: “Thanks to you I’ve blossomed”.
– Jurate Maciuviene – a massage therapist & a beauty specialist