87 Lipolytic Mask – 500ml

A mask with a creamy texture for intensive body shaping treatments. The innovative Lipout™ active ingredient is the culmination of scientific achievements in the field of human fat cell research. It activates the genetic program responsible for the thermogenesis process, increasing the expression of the necessary genes and proteins stimulating adipocyte transformation into the active form and increasing fats’ β-oxidation. A noticeable loss of centimeters takes place and the skin becomes firm and elastic. The organic silicon and caffeine synergy enclosed in Cafeisilane C reduces excess fat and improves circulation, preventing swelling and removing toxins. Restoring the lipid barrier of the epidermis along with anti inflammatory action is guaranteed by the antioxidant vitamin E.
Retinyl palmitate strengthens the skin structure, reduces adipose tissue growth and prevents cellulite changes formation.


Directions for use:
Apply a thin layer of the product to the skin (abdomen, thighs, buttocks). After 30 minutes remove the mask with a spatula and wash it off with warm water. In procedures combined with the micro-needle method, perform a slimming massage on individual parts, while in the case of non-needle mesotherapy wrap the mask with a plastic foil.

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