63 F-Peel 20% – 60 ml

F-Peel is a perfect peeling with exceptional brightening, rejuvenating, regenerating, and discoloration reducing properties. It inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and elastase
enzymes, restoring an even color of the skin and its young, fresh look. Ferulic acid is a strong anti-oxidant, protecting
the skin DNA and eliminating the free radicals. The peeling penetrates deep into the skin, due to the content of
phloretin. In addition, the lactic acid hydrates the skin and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, ensuring proper protection of the skin.

Directions for use:
After cleaning, degreasing the skin and protecting sensitive areas, apply 1-4 layers of the peeling with a swab from least sensitive areas of the face to the most sensitive (forehead, cheeks, submaxillary regions, chin, upper lip and nose). Massage to enhance penetration of active ingredients until dry up. Each layer displays a mask effect. Peeling doesn’t demand neither rising nor neutralization. After the applied layer has dried it stops
acting. The depth of peeling is related to the number of layers, the amount of solution used.

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