37 Exotic Scrub – 500 ml

The tropical aroma of the scrub brings to mind a memory of an exotic trip. The natural sea salt crystals and lotus powder, embedded in a velvety gel, will cleanse and smooth the skin, leaving it wonderfully soft and elastic. The pineapple energizes the skin cells and perfectly smoothes the body, leaving a protective hydrolipid barrier. This exotic fruit, apart from the vitamin cocktail (A, B, C), contains high amounts of enzymes, including bromelain, which gently dissolves and removes the dead skin cells, without irritating the skin. Glycerin causes that the skin after the treatment will stay well hydrated, and will regain its softness and freshness. An amazing aroma of lotus soothes and relaxes, whereas the smell of an exotic island, will give you energy for a whole day.

Directions for use:
Apply product on body. To obtain optimal exfoliating effect, use it on dry skin. It can be also used on slightly wet skin. Perform a short exfoliating massage. Then rinse it off.

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