98 Age Reverse Cream – 100ml

A complex anti-aging cream offering spectacular effects. It maintains the effects of esthetic treatments in the skin that needs intensive regeneration, as well as after surgeries and beautifying treatments. The rich, nourishing formula of the product is refined with Sepilift DPHP complex, lipoamino acid of biovector hydroxyproline, showing triple firming action – it stimulates the production of collagen, protects elastic fibers and neutralizes the effects of free
radicals. The microstructure of the skin is restored for smoother, more firm complexion. The rejuvenating effect is supplemented with additional effective concentrates: Oxygen Complex
and Asparlyne. These substances stimulate cellular activity as well as prevent the accumulation of oxidative damages. The addition of Shea butter offers maximum protection against negative externalities, especially for irritated and weakened skin after invasive cosmetic and medical treatments. It restores the multilevel lipid structure and reduces TEWL. The formula stimulates natural skin functions, resulting in fresh, juvenile radiance.

Directions for use:
Apply on a cleansed face and neck. Massage in circular movements until absorption of product.

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