97 Melting massage Cream – 200 ml

Rich facial massage cream, created for professional care.
Its unique formula reacts to the warmth of the therapist’s hands, pleasantly melting and enveloping the massaged skin.
The consistency of the product ensures a long-lasting slip.
Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it not only provides incredible pleasure of use, but also perfectly moisturizes the skin and provides it with many substances that improve its condition.
This nourishing effect is due to the combination of three waxes: mimosa, bee and jojoba.
These natural ingredients will contribute to strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, ensuring its elasticity, smoothing and silky softness.
Melting Massage Cream will provide relaxation and take care of the condition of the skin, leaving it beautiful and well-groomed.

Directions for use:
Warm-up a small amount of cream in your hands and apply it to a cleansed face, avoiding the eye area.
Perform a massage.
Rinse off with a moist cotton pad.

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