95 Age Reverse Activator – 50ml

A concentrated serum-activator is a repair program for mature skin. It constitutes a balanced supplement to rejuvenating treatments and optimizes the effects of medesthetic treatments such as needle mesotherapy, radio frequency or chemical peels. The composition of selected ingredients offers skin care with lifting action. Stoechiol, sometimes called a natural Botox,
has a dermo-relaxing effect, reducing epidermis tension related to face expressions and prevents mimic wrinkles. At the same time, COLLAGENEER, the key ingredient, stimulates the synthesis of type 1 collagen and protective protein (HSP), reinforcing skin structure and improving its flexibility and condition. The product helps retain cell longevity through intensive stimulation of self-repair mechanisms and reduction of the visible skin ageing signs related to the passage of time. The silk texture of the serum leaves the skin smooth and replenished.


Directions for use:
Apply the product under the cream  on a dry and cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Massage with circular motions until completely absorbed. Product for individual
usage or as activator of  96 Age Reverse Patch Mask.

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