78 Stem Cells Biocellulose Mask 1 pc

A moisturizing and rejuvenating product based on advanced technology of a biocellulose mask. Due to its unique structure, adjacent to the surface of the epidermis, it allows deeper penetration of key ingredients: PhytoCell TecTM MD Complex, bilberry extract and Fucogel. This precisely designed formula intensively smoothes wrinkles and helps to restore a youthful
appearance. In addition it has a strong and long lasting moisturizing effect by forming a protective film that protects against water loss. Rich in vitamin C, bilberry extract revitalizes
and protects skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and stimulates them into renovation. The skin regains its radiance, eve tone and silky smoothness.

Directions for use:
Open the sachet, carefully remove the mask and unfold. Remove the protective layers from each side of mask. Start the application from the forehead, then move down to the cheeks and chin. Make sure that the mask fits closely to the skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Then remove it and massage excess of serum.

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