77 Peptide Rich Cream – 100 ml

A comprehensive nourishing and regenerating cream developed on the basis of innovative active ingredients and the peptide technology. Dedicated to all skin types, especially dry and mature skin. A breakthrough formula that combines the action of polypeptides and retinol, works on all signs of skin aging. Actively mediates the reduction of wrinkle depth, increasing
the production of collagen (including collagen from types I and III). Stimulates the dynamic renewal of the epidermis and strong regeneration. By regulating the oxygenation process, it improves blood circulation of the skin and gives a healthy skin tone. Selected nutrients, like palm butter and borage extract, provide perfect protection against external factors, condition and restore smoothness. The recipe is developed by taurine, which promotes the maintenance of the structure and cell membrane permeability. It has the ability to maintain balance in skin cells susceptible to stress, restoring vitality. The skin becomes tense, regains its firmness and velvety smoothness.


Directions for use:
Apply a small portion of cream on the whole face and delicately rub in with gentle circular movements.

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