76 VitC Cream Perfector – 100ml

A beautifying cream for all skin types, especially mature skin with uneven tone. Together with the serum, they constitute the ultimate weapon against time and degeneration of the cellular DNA code. Its power stems from the use of 7% Triple VitC  System with three active forms of
vitamin C. Gradually released in the consecutive skin layers, liposomal vitamin C penetrates the deepest. Combined with the stabilized form, they act to reduce the risk of cellular DNA damage, whereas the concentrated fresh form of vitamin C brightens the skin, helping to reduce discoloration. 3% Antioxidant Complex neutralizes free radicals, stimulates microcirculation and nourishes the skin. The combination of two sizes of hyaluronic acid guarantees optimum hydration both in the superficial and deep layers of the skin. In order to prevent the penetration of pollutants into the cells and at the same time increase the DNA protection function, the formula is enriched with Anti-Pollution Active – anti-aging ingredient that reduces discoloration.

Directions for use:
Apply on a cleansed face and neck. Massage in circular movements until absorption of product.

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