73 Perfector Activator – 50ml

A specialist product to retain young and radiant look despite the pass of time. The activator protects the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, while also showing cleansing effect achieved through the careful selection of natural ingredients combined with biotechnologically advanced
components. Anti-Pollution Oil Complex combines the power of potent anti-oxidants (Moringa oil rich in phytosterols and Sacha Inchi oil) with Camelina oil possessing strong
regenerative properties (source of Omega-3 acid). The complex tones, detoxifies, moisturizes and firms the skin, while improving its defense function. What constitutes the unquestionable DNA guard is Lipochroman – a particle that neutralizes oxidative stress and
inhibits the photoaging process. The anti-oxidative acerola extract remineralizes the skin, while vitamin E reduces the effects caused by negative external factors.

Directions for use:
Apply the product under the cream on a dry and cleansed face, neck and decollete. Massage with circular motions until completely absorbed. Product for individual usage or as activator of 74 Black Mask Perfector.

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