70 Modelling Mask – 250 ml

An innovative, self-warming gypsum mask intended as a facial and chest care product. Recommended especially on a mature skin, with visible lack of firmness and elasticity.
A unique thermal technology improves the absorption of active ingredients, oxygenates the skin and stimulates microcirculation. By enlarging the blood vessels, it stimulates toxin
elimination. It shows strong shaping and hydrating properties. It helps to shape the face oval, and when applied on the chest, it instantly lifts the skin and improves its elasticity.

Directions for use:
Apply an oily base product to the skin. Place cotton pads over the eyes & the lips or in case of breast application-nipples. Place a guaze film over the skin. Mix 250 ml of powder with 100 ml of cold water until getting an homogeneous paste. Apply it quickly. Pull the mask on
approximately 15 minutes. Peel the mask softly off, cleanse the skin with water or suitable lotion.

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