48 Vit-C Peel Mask – 5 x 10 ml

This micro-exfoliating mask is specially designed with both a brightening and rejuvenating system dedicated to mature skin that suffers from a lack of radiance as well as being prone to pigmentation problems, acne or scars. It maintains optimal stability without being decomposed under the influence of external factors thanks to its high
concentration of vitamin C in powder form. The formula provides high antioxidant activity, lowering the risk of DNA skin cell-degeneration. In addition, ascorbic acid is
responsible for the synthesis of collagen. This allows the skin to retain a younger appearance; it is elastic and moisturized. Kojic acid as a tyrosinase inhibitor provides a high whitening activity allowing the removal of deep discolorations. Even after just one treatment, the skin is visibly brighter, more radiant and smoothed.


Directions for use:
As a micro-exfoliating mask: mix powder with 10ml of water to a paste-like consistency. By gentle massage,
apply the paste to the face. After 2-5 mins rinse it off. For better results leave the mask for another 2-5 mins. As a
cleansing and whitening mask: mix powder and approx. 20 ml of water until you obtain a gel. Apply onto the
face. Rinse after max 15 mins with lukewarm water.
Warning: in case of any irritation, rinse with plenty of water. May cause irritation to very sensitive skin.


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