40 Pistachio Scrub – 500 ml

A sweet scrub, with creamy, velvety texture, which seduces the senses with an inviting aroma of pistachios and almonds. The product will gently cleanse and smooth the sensitive skin. It is perfect for the body areas demanding a more intensive, thorough treatment, especially the heels, knees and elbows. It will leave the skin wonderfully soft. The special mixture, based on 100% almond oil and ingredients of plant origin (including jojoba and apricot kernel oils), will be appreciated by those who value the unique combination of naturalness and high quality.
A butter made of pistachios is highly valued because of its softening and moisturizing properties. In addition, Shea butter, a natural source of provitamins A, E, and F, has revitalizing properties and makes the skin radiant.

Directions for use:
Apply product on body. To obtain optimal exfoliating effect, use it on dry skin. It can be also used on slightly wet skin. Perform a short exfoliating massage. Then rinse it off.


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