29 Billberry Alginate Mask – 700 ml

An elastic mask recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive and couperose skin. The product reduces redness, soothes, and has anti-inflammatory effect. It gives
a nice feeling of cool and comfort. Bilberry and Vitamin C strengthen the capillaries walls. Flavonoid compounds, and especially anthocyanosides, prolong the effects of Vitamin C, which seals up capillaries and reacts with collagen, which increases tissue integrity. The activity of the ingredients improves the condition of the skin and helps to maintain a healthy color. Azulene, which can be found in the product, quickly soothes, strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, and reduces irritation.


Directions for use:
Mix 25 g (70 ml) of powder and 75 ml of water at 20°C for one minute to get a homogenous paste. Apply immediately to the face. Leave the mask for 15 minutes. Remove it by peeling off in one whole piece. Leftovers can be removed with a moist cotton pad.

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