20.4 EGF Youth Cream – 100 ml

Extremely rich and nourishing anti-wrinkle cream.
Recommended for dry skin that requires strong renewal, as well as for mature skin that fights against loss of firmness and signs of aging.
The cream contains many peptides that will give different results.
Known for its excellent results, Matrixyl promotes collagen production by reducing fine lines.
The nourishing peptides contained in the Nutrippeptide complex also activate the protective mechanisms of the skin.
Also, peptides belonging to the group of growth factors support the regenerative processes of the skin.
The anti-wrinkle and stimulating effect of the cream is enhanced by the laminaria extract enriched with minerals, as well as the anti-wrinkle complex of seaweed.
Long-term irrigation is provided by sodium hyaluronate and Fucogel.
The high content of dietary lipids in combination with squalane allows you to restore the damaged protective barrier of the skin – the hydrolipidic layer.
EGF rejuvenating cream delays the aging process of the skin, improves firmness, smoothes fine wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful, radiant look.

Apply a small portion of the cream to the face and necko.
Massage in a circular motion until the product is completely absorbed.

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