160 HYDRA SPRAY TONER – 200 ml

  • Refreshes, restores the natural pH, helps to remove makeup residues.
  • Target: dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin
  • Thanks to the right combination of ingredients offering proven results, this product intensively moisturizes the skin whilst, Aquaxyl and Hydreis optimize water retention in the epidermis
  • The pre-mentioned ingredients in combination with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, help prevent epidermal water evaporation and smooth it. The addition of aloe vera extract enriches the formula with vitamins and minerals whilst enhancing their soothing effect. The spray form allows the use the tonic to moisten masks during the treatment and maintain the moisture of enzymatic peeling or emulsify some massage products
  • Active ingredients: aquaxyl, high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera juice, hydreis


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