15 MelanoControl System – Skin Depigmentation Set

MelanoControl Skin Depigmentation Set includes:


15.1 Depigment Peel Mask

The innovative formulation of the exfoliating mask is rich in ingredients with proven depigmenting and anti-aging properties. Arbutin and hexylresorcinol, known for their brightening properties, synergistically work with beta and alpha hydroxy acids. Together, they form a powerful tool in combating discolorations. Thanks to them, the mask effectively reduces not only dark spots caused
by sun exposure but also melasma which results in even skin tone. The hexylresorcinol contained in
the product counteracts glycation processes, thus reducing the sign of skin aging. The acids in the mask stimulate the skin’s renewal process by gently exfoliating the epidermis. Mandelic acid minimizes fine wrinkles, while salicylic acid improves skin texture and reduces excessive sebum secretion. The Depigmen Peel Mask can be used as an exfoliating phase before microneedling, thus intensifying the skincare results.

Directions for use:
Mix the product with a few drops of water on your palm. Apply to the face and massage in circular motions for 2 minutes, then wash off the mask with water.


15.2 Depigment MesoCocktai

A composition of precisely selected active ingredients with strong brightening and discoloration
reducing properties, enclosed in a sterile vial. The depigmenting mechanism of the products based
on inhibiting melanin biosynthesis by arbutin, niacinamide, and licorice root extract. The product also has antiaging properties due to the presence of peptides. They are responsible or stimulating collagen production and providing protection against glycation. Ingredients such as vitamin
C and glutathione demonstrate potent antioxidant activity. The product is dedicated to skin requiring depigmentation treatment, with melasma or an uneven skin tone. It provides comprehensive action, effectively reducing discolorations while restoring the skin’s healthy glow.

Directions for use:
Apply on cleansed skin and gently massage. You can apply the product manually (massage) or with the use of devices supporting the transport of active substances (electro-mesotherapy,
microneedling, ultrasounds, etc.).



15.3 Depigment Cream SPF 50

A specialized cream providing very high sun protection, designed for skin prone to hyperpigmentation. By incorporating
effective brightening ingredients such as hexylresorcinol and licorice extract, the product reduces the visibility of spots
and evens out the skin tone. Moreover, by inhibiting tyrosinase activity, it prevents the formation of new discolorations.
The key preventive action in the case of skin prone to hyperpigmentation is the us of the highest sun protection. The filters contained in Depigment Cream SPF 50+ provide a broad-spectrum protection against both UVB and UVA
radiation. The perfect complement to the formulation is mulberry extract, which helps the skin regain its glow and uniform tone. Thanks to its properties, the cream is the perfect final stage of depigmentationtreatment.

Directions for use:
Apply to the face, neck and décolletage at the end of a cosmetic treatment and always before sun exposure. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen  product.

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