Intensive technological developments in the field of cosmetology, have resulted in an increased demand for cosmetics containing innovative active substances that stimulate the biological activity of the skin.

The Purlés brand has created an innovative new line named “Growth Factor Technology”. This new line contains growth factors, ingredients that meet the above requirements. More specifically, the new line is constituted by a selection of peptides that exert a biological influence on cells, thus stimulating their growth, metabolism and division.

This action activates the regeneration and renewal processes that are crucial in skin rejuvenation treatments. Research shows that, the topical application of a mixture of growth factors to the skin accelerates wound healing, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other elements of the intercellular matrix.

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Purlés is a combination of innovative biotechnological thought and forces of nature resulting from the work of outstanding specialists in French and Spanish laboratories. For almost 10 years, the Purlés brand has successfully implemented its proprietary philosophy of creating an individual beauty code for its clients. Thanks to the easy, numerical names of our cosmeceuticals, choosing and continuing the most appropriate therapy is easier than ever. The specialist selects the right procedure for the skin, composing a beauty code that, like a fingerprint, identifies the individual needs of the client.

Advanced research into natural ingredients and inspiration from the latest achievements of aesthetic medicine make possible for Purlés cosmeceuticals to provide quick and visible results. The active substances contained in them are the answer to the problems that the skin is struggling with. Our ceremonies not only improve beauty, but also move the senses. They are a source of extremely effective skin care initiated in a beauty salon. urlés cosmeceuticals, intended for home use for people who desire complete skincare solutions every day of the week. Ask your cosmetologist about the right care method for you, tailored to the individual needs of your skin.